‘I was always nervous about what my stomach looked like’

Lindsay Lohan talks 2003

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Lindsay Lohan’sFreaky Friday look is burned into the brains of millennials everywhere as the height of ’00s fashion. Lohan stole the show with white-striped hair, black eyeliner, layered tees and of course, those iconic low-rise cargo pants. But while teens everywhere were dying to look like her, Lohan remembers feeling insecure.

“I remember at the time of Freaky Fridaywith my wardrobe, I was so self-conscious,” Lohan told allure about her 16-year-old self during a video interview, in which she broke down the looks of her most iconic roles.

“I wanted to wear low-rise pants because I wanted to be cool,” she explained. “At that age you still want to play someone who is a little bit sexy, but I was always nervous about what my stomach looked like, if it was flat enough. That was my big thing on set.”

“I look back and I’m like, ‘Why was I so hard on myself?’ It’s okay,” says the 36-year-old.

These days the mom-to-be feels a lot more secure with herself and with the entertainment industry. “I’m enjoying working,” she told Health in 2022. “That feels refreshing because I started working when I was younger, and it had gotten to a point where I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So, it feels good to have this momentum again. I’m appreciative of it and want to keep it up.”

Although Lohan likely won’t have to don those low-rise pants again (unless she wants to), it seems as though the early 2000s trends are back. Sydney Sweeney recently rocked a micromini outfit on the red carpet and while she looked stunning, trend experts were worried that the look was a sign of the times.

“This set is created with this very thin body in mind. It’s not created for plus and so that in and of itself is frustrating,” Gianluca Russo, co-founder of the Power of Plus, previously told Yahoo Life.

“A lot of it, too, feels very glorifying of a body type that we’ve been actively working against for many years now,” she continued. “The body type is very reminiscent of the early 2000s, when we had all these big conversations around anorexia and fashion and bulimia and how these models were treated back in the day, which is not great. And for a lot of people it feels kind of triggering.”

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