The 20 Best Bachelorette Cowboy Hats for a Country-Glam Event

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When it comes to bachelorette parties, more is definitely more. Accessories, sashes, decorations, and even themed cowboy hats make the day feel festive and special. Cowboy hats, in particular, have become popular for a range of different bachelorette party settings and styles, whether the event is being held in urban Nashville or a rustic dude ranch. “They add a fun, playful energy to the event,” says wedding planner Carissa Kruse. “Not only does it help get everyone in the party spirit, but they also make for great photo opportunities and keepsakes.”

Whether you’re going for a classic country get up or want a more different look, we’ve done the research for you to make one step easier in the planning process. We rounded up the best bachelorette cowboy hats so you can adorn yourself with a country flair.

Best for Sparkle: Festive Gal Disco Bachelorette Cowgirl Hat

This sparkly cowboy hat comes with tons of fun personalization options. Select your favorite coloring, attach a veil, or add whimsical, customizable phrases like “MRS.” Choose from nine different colors for the font, including rose gold glitter and matte hot pink.

Price at the time of publication: $ 19

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Best for Fall & Winter Bachelorettes: Sunkissed by Chrissy White Cowgirl Wool Blend Hat

Stay warm and fabulous with a wool blend bachelorette cowboy hat, which is perfect for fall and winter months when the weather might be a bit chilly. This stylish design comes in cream, black, and camel, and offers one customizable initial outlined in gold. The Cuban link gold chain adds a touch of flair and sparkle.

Price at the time of publication: $ 60

Best Pearl Accents: Luster And Lace Designs Bride Pearl Cowgirl Hat with Veil

This pretty cowboy hat comes with the word “BRIDE” front and center, spelled out in pearls. Note: this seller offers a bulk order discount on orders of 30 units or more, so if you’re planning on having a big bash and want a variety of hats for your guests, this could be a great budget-friendly option.

Price at the time of publication: $40

Best for the Glam Bride: Events Hello White Rhinestone Fringe Cowboy Hat

Rhinestones, fringes, and pearls, oh my! For the ultra-glam bride, we love this hat that comes with white rhinestones and a bold fringe trim. There’s also the option to personalize with up to five rhinestone and pearl letter patches.

Price at the time of publication: $ 90

For a Luxe Look: 12th Tribe Dolly Cream Cowboy Fringe Hat

This 100% wool hat is luxurious, high quality, and festive! It comes in with a dainty rhinestone fringe trim that encircles the brim. It’s definitely a higher-quality choice that will stand the test of time—the hard brim maintains its shape and you can easily adjust the size with the hidden adjuster.

Price at the time of publication: $ 148

Best Light-Up : Zhanmai Lights Cowboy Hat LED Glow Up Sequins

Bring some LEDs to your bachelorette party with 3 packs of light up cowboy hats with matching glasses. Simply press a button to set flashing, blinking, or steady lighting modes. The dance floor is gonna be lit (pun absolutely intended).

Price at the time of publication: $40

Best Minimaist Design: Show me Your Mumu Bride Cowboy Hat

Looking for something simple and classic, without a lot of fuss? This minimalist “BRIDE” cowboy hat has a stiff brim and a sleek look that works well with a variety of bachelorette styles. Pair with matching white cowboy boots for an elevated cowgirl aesthetic.

Price at the time of publication: $42

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Best for a Groovy Bride: Happy Holographic White Space Cowgirl Hat

Calling all raver brides! This holographic space-inspired cowgirl hat comes with pink heart sunglasses and a pink bandana to wrap around your wrist or neck. It’s the perfect pack for a bachelorette festival or an all out rave.

Price at the time of publication: $ 23

Best Pink Themed: 4E’s Novelty Light Up Pink Cowgirl Hat

This pink light up cowgirl hat has just enough glitz to fit in with a variety of bachelorette themes. It comes with three flashing modes, sequins, and a removable drawstring chin strap and shapeable brim.

Price at the time of publication: $ 17

Best Veil Detail: xo, Fetti Bride Cowgirl Hat

For a cowboy hat that says “the bride has arrived,” this one will definitely make a statement. It’s crafted out of white velvet and super soft fur, a “Bride” logo, and attached a veil to add bridal vibes.

Price at the time of publication: $ 30

Best Budget : Shein Solid Thread Decor Adjustable Cowboy Hat

Ballin’ (or bride-ing) on ​​a budget, and still want to make a statement? This super wallet-friendly option is under $4 and offers a serious pop of color! With a bright purple colorway and a solid thread detail, it’s a great statement hat that won’t break the bank.

Price at the time of publication: $4

Best Feather Detail: Zodaca White Cowboy Hat for Men and Women with Feathers

This white cowgirl hat with feathers is made from breathable felt and gives off a simple, clean appearance. It comes with an elastic string for a comfortable and customizable fit.

Price at the time of publication: $ 19

Best Set: Geyoga 9 Pieces Adult Cowboy Hat

This three-piece cowboy hat with accessories comes in several colors to choose from: black, pink, red, white, or a mix with gold glasses, a brown hat, and a blue bandana. This is a great option if you want a complete look for several guests.

Price at the time of publication: $ 35

Best Headband Style: Beistle 2 Piece Cowboy Hat Headbands

Change it up with a cowboy-style headband for a silly and fun western-style look. This comes in a pack of two headbands with a brown mini cowboy hat on top.

Price at the time of publication: $ 17

Best for a Big Crew: Unittype 12 Pcs Cowgirl Hats Bride Cowboy Hats

If you’re looking for a classic look for a big crew, shop this 12-piece package. It comes with 11 black hats for your guests, and one white hat with an attached veil for the bride.

Price at the time of publication: $ 70

Best for an Animal Theme: Zhanmai 12 Pieces Cowboy Hats Milk Print

Bring out the bachelorettes…animal style! For an animal-themed bachelorette, go for this package of six cow printed hats with matching black and white bandanas.

Price at the time of publication: $ 39

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Best for Summer: ASOS DESIGN Straw Cowboy Hat With Size Adjuster In Black

Straw cowboy hats are perfect for the heat, as they’re both breathable and lightweight. This design has a pinched crown, narrow brim, and chin strap detail and comes in a sleek black color way to fit in with most themes.

Price at the time of publication: $22

Best Reusable: Birdy Gray Pink Babe Hat

Not only is this pink cowboy hat a great option for outfitting the rest of your crew, but it’s a style they can totally wear again. Only adorned with the simple phrase “babe,” the wool felt hat doesn’t scream bachelorette, so they can wear it again at the beach, Halloween, or any fun occasion.

Price at the time of publication: $ 51

Best Boho Style: Shein Bead Decor Hollow Out Beach Straw Hat

This paper straw hat is breathable, beachy and perfect for a boho bride. It comes in beige or khaki, with a cute shell decor that’s perfect for a beach bach bash (say that five times fast).

Price at the time of publication: $ 8

Best for a Disco Bride: Etsy Disco Cowboy Hat Mirrorball

Country meets disco? Now that’s a bachelorette fusion we didn’t know we needed. This cowboy hat is basically a wearable disco ball on your head, with the option to include a fringe detail around the brim. You’ll basically look like Beyoncé in her Renaissance cover.

Price at the time of publication: $ 60

What to Look for in a Cowboy Hat


Cowboy hats aren’t one size fits all; there are a ton of opportunities for personalization and a more tailored style. For example, if your bride is more glam, opt for a cowboy hat that’s different or comes decorated with jewels, like the White Rhinestone Fringe COWBOY HAT. If your crew is more light hearted, you can go with a set of cow or leopard print cowboy hats. Needless to say, you’ll be the life and talk of the party.


If you’re hosting a summer bash, you might go for a straw cowboy hat that’s more breathable than felt or wool styles. Made from straw with seashell accents, the Shein Straw Hat is perfect for a tropical getaway. For colder months and climates, consider those heavier materials like felt or wool. The White Cowgirl Wool Blend Hat is ideal for a bachelorette wine tasting in the fall.


There are also varying price points to consider. Some cowboy hats are more budget-friendly, while more formal options, like those made with jewels and feathers, are more expensive. Identifying the host’s budget will help with figuring out how much to allocate on the hats. If you want to get a hat for everyone, consider buying a value pack like the 9 Pieces Adult Cowboy Hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the bachelorette cowboy hats?

“Generally, the person hosting and organizing the party is responsible for covering all associated costs,” says Kruse. “This can include decorations, food, drinks, and other items that may be necessary for the celebration.”

Regardless of how you decide to split the costs, it’s important to provide clear communication to the other guests about who is responsible for each item.

How do I style a cowboy hat for a bachelorette outfit?

Depending on the type of cowboy hat you buy, there are several ways you can go. Here are some common cowboy hat styles, and tips for styling them to give you an idea:

  • Straw Cowboy Hat (ASOS DESIGN Straw Cowboy Hat With Size Adjuster): “This classic style is perfect for any summer party. Try pairing with a bold patterned dress or skirt for a fun, flirty look,” says Kruse.

  • Wool Felt Cowboy Hat (White Cowgirl Wool Blend Hat) : “To keep things a bit more formal, try this wool felt option with a crisp, tailored suit,” suggests Kruse.

  • Sparkly Cowboy Hat (Disco Cowboy Hat Mirrorball): “For an extra dose of glamour, consider this sparkly rhinestone hat with a sequined dress and bright jewelry,” says Kruse.

Why did cowboy hats become so popular for bachelorettes?

Cowboy hats add a lighthearted, festive vibe to bachelorette parties. They may also be inspired by the uptick in both Nashville bachelorettes and rustic weddings that have become popular on Pinterest over the past few years. “Plus, there are so many different styles and colors to choose from, making it easy to create a unique look for each guest,” says Kruse.

Carissa Kruse is a professional wedding planner, strategist, motivational speaker, and the founder of Carissa Kruse Weddings. In addition to planning for clients, she also offers marketing and sales coaching.

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