Princess Kate’s polka dot dresses are ‘significant’, claims style expert

Kate, Princess of the Wales is a renowned style icon as well as a senior member of the Royal Family.

And when it comes to her choice of outfits, the 41-year-old is often careful to pay tribute to a cause, or people hold dear to her.

Even when it seems as though fashion is at the forefront of Kate’s wardrobe, the royal makes bold statements in the colors, styles and designs that she wears.

While shades of pink, green and red have been the Princess of Wales’s go-to as of late, she has also stepped out in an array of Polka dot-patterned dresses on two poignant occasions.

On June 19, the Princess styled a monochrome Polka-print gown by Alessandra Rich for the Order of the Garter procession, and just yesterday she stepped out in another dress by the same designer. Her most recent style was a navy-tiered midi dress with smart white dots and a bow-detail neckline.

Speaking exclusively to, Susie Nelson, style expert and founder of Modes and More Vintage weighed in on the “significant” statement portrayed by the chic royal.

Susie said: “Polka dots are a youthful, approachable and playful design. They can make an elegant and sophisticated style more relatable and are quite easy for high-street designers to produce.

“Princess Diana and the late Queen Elizabeth II were fans of polka dots, and they were also worn by Princess Beatrice.

“Some say a polka dot has the shape of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and living life. The circle has balance and is also the shape of the moon, which is thought of as calm.

“They have also been used in art, most frequently by Yayoi Kusama and Bridget Riley.”

While there is a “significant” sentiment behind Kate’s choice of patterned dresses, according to Susie, the royal may have also chosen them for more practical reasons.

In the past, she was spotted wearing similar styles when taking her children to school and for Royal Ascot 2022.

The Modes and More founder explained: “Kate is very fond of the design and they make her appear more approachable and youthful.

“They are easy to accessorize and not so busy that they take over or smother the design of the dress or item of clothing.”

Susie continued: “Kate is also fond of wearing Polka dots usually in just two colors but has been spotted wearing an item with two different color dots in the past.

“They also have the advantage of not showing creases as much as a plain color, and so are useful for events such as Wimbledon that can involve a lot of standing up and sitting down.”

Personal stylist Melissa Lund agreed, adding that the pattern is particularly flattering on the slender royal’s enviable figure.

Melissa told “I think Kate chooses polka dots because they’re romantic and feminine. They provide an element of interest without being too loud. They do of course come in different sizes but the size she likes is usually fairly fair understated.”

She noted that the shape of the dresses worn by the Princess of Wales is often similar, with a high neck, cinched waist, midi-length or longer, can look “really prim” without the “extra detail”.

Melissa added: “I think the polka dot provides that. It’s a safe way to add interest. Polka dots suit all body types and are a good way to wear print, especially if you’re elemented about being able to carry it off.”

While Kate is more often seen in plain colors than “busy patterns”, the simplistic detail added by the dots is a classic and subtle way to make a statement without overpowering the actual style of her clothes.

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