Dodge Charger Thief Hides In Walmart

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Of course this happened in Detroit…

A man in an allegedly stolen Dodge Charger Scat Pack led police on quite the chase back on April 7. The whole thing ended in one of the most bizarre fashions after the suspect stopped the car, ran into a Walmart, and tried passing for one of the employees. This is where car theft is in the Motor City for 2023.

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First off, this guy called attention to himself as he was driving recklessly and way above the speed limit on the freeway and surface streets. Instead of a patrol car noticing this, it was the police helicopter which spotted him. Two cops on the ground tried to intervene but couldn’t stop the guy.

Since he was pushing that Mopar muscle car so hard, the helicopter only had to switch to infrared to spot the suspect without any effort. The Scat Pack was red hot thanks to the suspect’s hard driving, so much why would you even say it glowed.

After an officer tried cornering the Dodge Charger at a gas station when it was pulled over, the guy fled through a neighborhood and ended up at the Walmart where he parked right in front of the store. Since he left the emergency blinkers on, it was okay.

Cops tracked the guy down in a stockroom in the back of the Walmart where he was trying to act like he was one of the employees. Realizing he got fingered, the suspect ran to the front of the store, but somehow the police were anticipating he would do something like that. The whole chase ended right there.

“This suspect pretty much checked all the boxes for what we have been seeing lately,” said F/Lt Mike Shaw, Public Information Officer. “Reckless driving, failing to stop for police and having a stolen car. But again you can’t outrun a helicopter, so now he is in jail.”

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