BBC Breakfast host blasts “unkind comments” about appearance

nina warhurst, bbc breakfast

BBC Breakfast host blasts “unkind comments”BBC

BBC Breakfast presenter Nina Warhurst has responded to negative comments a viewer made about one of her recent outfits.

The journalist retweeted a message from a Twitter user disliking a colorful, spotty dress she wore on May 29.

“Oh dear Nina! That sporty [sic] dress is a HUGE mistake! You look like an entertainer at a kids birthday party!” the viewer said in their tweets.

“Good to know it wasn’t just a small mistake,” Warhurst replied.

“Unkind comments should always be enhanced with CAPITAL LETTERS AND MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION MARKS !!!” she added, referencing the user’s tweeting style.

nina warhurst, bbc breakfast


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Warhurst’s followers rallied behind her, with many complimenting her on her look.

“We LOVED your dress on the @BBCSouthNews brekkie desk, Nina! xxx” journalist Edward Sault wrote.

“We were all saying how lovely you looked Nina & like others have commented a breath of fresh air in the mornings,” one viewer tweeted.

“You forgot to ask his opinion BEFORE you put it on????? Shame on you !!” another user wrote ironically, adding cry-laughing emojis at the end of the tweet.

This sadly isn’t the first time the BBC Breakfast host found herself on the receiving end of unprompted remarks about her appearance.

nina warhurst, bbc breakfast


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Last month, Warhurst slammed another Twitter user for criticizing her hair.

“Please do something with your hair. You look a mess! We have to look at you while we are eating our breakfasts, for heaven’s sake!” the screengrabbed message reads.

“Too repulsed by my hair to eat her breakfast, but managing to bang out this vitriol,” Warhurst wrote on Twitter alongside the original message.

“Apart from anything else I can’t bear inaccuracies — I think we can all agree my hair looks [on point].”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One.

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